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Elevate Your Style at Creators Barbers

Welcome to Creators Barbers, where we’re dedicated to transforming lives, one haircut at a time. Our talented barbers are skilled artisans, creating not just stylish looks but also boosting confidence and spreading positivity. Step in for a cut, leave with a new outlook on life.

Step into Creators Barbers, where your style is our masterpiece.

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What We Do

Precision Cuts, Exceptional Results

Precision haircuts that deliver exceptional results, bringing out the best in every strand.

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Making the world a better place, one haircut at a time

Here at Creartors Barbers , We’re more than just haircuts; we’re in the business of boosting confidence, building connections, and making the world brighter, one stylish cut at a time. Our talented barbers craft personalized looks that leave you feeling your best, all within a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where everyone is part of our extended family. Join us in our mission to elevate not just your style, but your spirit, too.


50 AED

Beard Trim

40 AED

Face Wax

30 AED

Hair Bleach

200 AED

Keratin or Protein

400 AED

Face Scrub

50 AED

  • Haircut 50 AED
  • Kids Haircut 40 AED
  • Beard Trim 40 AED
  • Hair Colour 90 AED
  • Oil Bath 50 AED
  • Highlightes 250 AED
  • Keratin 250 AED
  • Manicure 50 AED
  • Pedicure 50 AED
  • Foot Spa 60 AED
  • Facial 150 AED
  • Special Facial 250 AED
Experienced Barber

Experienced Barber at Creators Barbers, specializing in precision cuts and grooming services that bring out clients' unique style and confidence.

Stylish Model

Stylish models at Creators Barbers, setting the standard for modern grooming and showcasing cutting-edge styles with flair and confidence.

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Get a personalized consultation at Creators Barber to discuss your grooming needs and style preferences. Schedule your free consultation today.

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Choose Creators Barbers: Where Style Meets Precision

Creators Barbers offers a unique grooming experience, combining expertise and artistry to transform your look. Discover a world of style and confidence with us. Our haircuts are a canvas for self-expression, crafted with precision and artistry to complement your unique personality. Step into Creators Barbers for a transformative and tailored grooming experience that empowers your individuality.

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Meet our professional team at Creators Barbers, where skill, passion, and creativity come together to redefine your grooming experience.

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Google Reviews

Andreas L
Andreas L
Ria is a very good and kind person and very good barber!
Ramy ashkar
Ramy ashkar
The service more than perfect Dani is professional barber Thank you for the haircut. Highly recommend
Moiz Ahmed
Moiz Ahmed
Waqar has been always a great barber, understands the hair and the natural flow very well, always a pleasure to come to this barbershop.
Exceptional skills and attention to detail! My haircut exceeded expectations. I'll definitely be returning for more.
Jeremy Perumal
Jeremy Perumal
I stumbled upon Waqar’s new place by mistake. He has being cutting my hair for two years and I thought I lost him. He is a master of his craft. He is attentive and has such great attention to detail. I love what he does, the new salon has a lovely ambience and sheer decor. They have added some new services with Manicures and pedicures. It was my first this evening and I will definitely be adding this to my monthly visits. Thank You again Waqar you are brilliant!
Roy Vageskar
Roy Vageskar
Very friendly and professional service. Will be back :)
Hashim Yusuf
Hashim Yusuf
My first time here and I might have found my new regular barber shop. Everything was excellent - from the hospitality to the quality of the service. The staff are super friendly and experienced as well. Will definitely be recommending this place.
Liam Kotecha
Liam Kotecha
I visited Creators Barbers for the first time today, and I must say I am very impressed. Rabah was my barber and he was absolutely incredible, the best haircut I’ve had in Dubai. The whole team were super friendly and I loved the vibe! I would highly recommend it!